Abdul & Nuriat's wedding day was full of firsts for me. I has never photographed an Islamic wedding before let alone been inside a Mosque! 

The day started off at the Nuriat's family home. It was here that she got ready, together with her bridesmaids, all of which were her sisters. Watching their hijabs being wrapped was inspiring. I had no idea it was such an art form. 

Once ready, Nuriat was surprised with the transport that had been arranged to take her to the Mosque - a lovely Rolls-Royce pulled up outside ready to go!

At the Mosque, guests adorned in the most beautiful and colourful outfits arrived. Abdul made his way up to the ceremony area to greet guests whilst Nuriat prepared in a nearby room. 

After a short period of time Nuriat entered the ceremony room looking absolutely radiant. The service commenced - men and women on separate sides, everyone seated on the floor, bride and groom, showing unity, were seated together at the front. 

Once the vows and rings were exchanged, both the men and women separated for prayers and then met again in the reception room. The reception went on with out a hitch and I made a few new cheeky friends! Just before the cake was to be cut, Nuriat made a quick dress change (into a stunning blush pink gown). 

Please take a look at some of my favourite images below. 

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