Australia. Home. There's no place like it! Blue skies, sandy beaches, backyard pools, shopping centres, Allen's snakes, friends, and most of all.... family. 

We were there for three weeks and it just wasn't long enough! We stayed in the beautiful suburb of Breakfast Point, in which my parents also reside. We spent our time catching up with family and friends, having BBQs, relaxing by the pool (I got to relax by the pool whilst my parents took the kids swimming!), being guests at a stunning wedding and celebrating Christmas. 

Christmas day was so different from the last - which we spent in London. We got up early, the skies were blue and the sun was shining, and most exciting of all, Santa had been! After opening gifts, we headed off to my sister's home in Balgowlah, a beautiful northern beaches suburb. Our kiddies spent the day in the pool whilst I pigged out on Tiger Prawns. Oh gosh how I had missed good seafood! 

One stormy (but still lovely and warm) day, we headed to the beach so I could take a few photographs of my parents, brother and children. These were taken in about 10 minutes before it started so pour down! Take a look below... I hope my parents treasure these for years to come :) 

The three weeks came to an end way too soon. Goodbyes are always the hardest but as my 5yo reminded me, my parents will be visiting us in May. I'm counting down already. 

Australia, till we meet again....