Moving half way around the world is at times very lonely but having someone who knows the places back home can be extremely comforting. This has definitely been the case with Jen who started off as my son's nursery minder, moved on to our babysitter/ nanny and quickly became a member of our little family as did her partner, Max. Its been wonderful to have someone who fully understands how great Sydney really is, what its like to be so far away from a close-knit family as well as share our adventures in historic London.

Sadly, their time in London has come to an end and they're heading back to Sydney in a few weeks time. Last Friday, even though it was absolutely freezing we heading to Cannizaro Park for a quick photoshoot. My little boy who came along wasn't thrilled but I had a blast..... these two were such naturals in front of the camera!

We're going to miss Jen and Max although we know that they'll be long-term honorary members of our family. I hope these images bring them some lovely memories of their stay in London. See you soon(ish!) xxx


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