My sister had a baby-shower in late November and I feel so lucky that I was able to be there for her. 

It was held in my parent's home in Breakfast Point, Sydney on a beautiful Summers day. The morning was spent getting ready, putting out the most delectable desserts by Little Dessert Co and the most stunning and delicious cake by Buttercreme Lane

I was feeling a little creative in the morning so set out to make a watermelon pram (see below!). I must say that I was feeling pretty proud of myself... it didn't turn out too bad! 

After everyone arrived and had a bit of a catch up we sat around to play a little questionnaire game that one of Nadia's besties had put together. There were a lot of laughs had by all!  

I seriously can't wait for this little munchkin to arrive. I love him or her so much already.