We have been making the most of the recent warm weather and after school one day last week we headed to the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park. I packed two dresses for Helena that I knew she'd been dying to wear (and that I'd been dying to photograph her in!), a picnic, and off we went. We had such a wonderful afternoon. The kids ran around, picked flowers, we rolled around on the grass, found deer, fed the ducks...... the list goes on. We spent almost three hours pottering around the beautiful gardens. The colours were just amazing, I'd never seen anything like it! Definitely worth a visit if you're close-by to London. 

I also edit each image by hand and for some reason went with a slightly moodier vibe that usual with some of these! I hope you like them :) 

Dresses by - www.brittbear.com.au and www.lauraashley.com (vintage) 
Headband by - www.cottonon.com