Rebecca moved to the UK after spending a few years in NYC, mid last year and I couldn't have been more thrilled! We have been friends from way back. We were meant to be... our mothers gave birth at the same hospital only a few hours apart and then we were reunited at primary school in Sydney. After high school we went our separate ways (including different countries) but I cannot be happier to have reconnected. 

It has been wonderful having Rebecca (and her hubby and dog, Dean and Tia) here and I was super excited to hear that a little McCotter is on his way! Maternity images have always been on the cards however the main aim of this session was for some photographs of Rebecca doing Yoga for her new venture, Anicca Yoga. She is a qualified yoga instructor, specialising in pre and post-natal. 

Such a beauty inside and out. Please click on Anicca Yoga to connect with Rebecca.