When Michael contacted me and told me his plans, I couldn't have been more excited! I have always wanted to photograph a proposal! 

Travelling from Inverness to London for a short holiday, Michael wanted to propose at a beautiful location that could pass as just another tourist stop and so, the Italian Gardens within Kensington Gardens was chosen as the perfect place. 

Armed with the location, time and the outfit that Michael would be wearing, I went off to capture the exciting event! I arrived super early (I was terrified the tube wouldn't be on time!) and found a nice little spot on the grass to watch the entrance, waiting for the man dressed in blue. I felt like some kind of super ninja! 

After a while, I spotted Michael and Yvonne. They walked through the gardens and I followed at a distance. Michael proposed shortly afterwards and of course Yvonne said yes! 

We then went off for a few quick snaps before they headed to their dinner reservation. 

Woohooo.... engaged!!