I find February half term the hardest of all the holidays. There's no major holiday (like Christmas or Easter) and its freezing and often raining. This half term was no exception. I think it rained every day! So, we tried to make our own fun such as puzzles, painting and a trip to see hubby/ dad (totally failed as we arrived after 3 trains to find him running out to a 2 hour meeting - no more work surprises!) but even then we all got bored so I decided to try something else.

This particular day we had been to Poundland in the morning and each of my three children had £1 to spend. Helena bought a book, Luka bought a colouring pad and Nicholas bought stickers. Meanwhile, I spent £3 on glitter bombs! 

I didn't tell the children about them until I had them all in the boys' bedroom and had the door closed (I'm all for embracing mess but I thought keeping this one contained would be best!).

Helena and Luka went nuts! At first, Nicholas wasn't too sure but once he realised what they were - he got into it too. 

The mess was a little overwhelming at first but our trusty vacuum did a great job - the hardest part was quarantining the children to the one bedroom until it had all been sucked up. Then there was the challenge of Helena's hair after having fun making 'glitter angels' haha. 

It was seriously the best spent £3 ever!