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Hi there! I’m Yasmina and I am in LOVE with my job. I still have to pinch myself to make sure I'm the lucky one that gets to photograph these amazing life events. Read on to get to know me a little more :)


Hey! I’m Yasmina – a 30 something Sydney wedding photographer. I married my amazingly supportive husband on Valentines Day 2010 (31 years after my parents married on the same date!) and we have three gorgeous children; Helena, Luka and Nicky, who I often call my ‘cheekies.’ Whilst I have always enjoyed taking photographs, it was love at a distance. Something I did for me and me alone. Yasmina Nadine Photography blossomed in 2015 after we had moved to London and I had time to find myself again. Since then, things have just boomed and I have even won a few awards such as 21 Wedisson Awards, a Vogue Award and 2018 and 2019 TWIA Regional Finalist (woohoo!). After capturing my first wedding – I was seriously hooked! I love all of the raw emotions that come out on your wedding day – the tears, the laughs, the little looks and I take such pride in being able to capture these moments. So, apart from photography, what do I do? I’m mucking around with my cheekies, dancing around the kitchen like a professional ballerina (well, like someone who is in denial about not being able to dance), snuggling on the couch with my husband, spending time with my array of pets (a dog, bearded dragon, python and blue tongue!) and exploring our new home – on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

In mid 2018, my dad became sick. Thank goodness he’ll be ok but it turned everything upside down. I’ve learnt that nothing is more important than family, friends and time. This prompted us to make the decision to move back to Sydney. It has also reinforced how lucky I am to be a wedding photographer as photographs will be the only tangible moments to look back on once gone. Wow, I got a bit deep there! Anywho…  I want to hear about you! Send me a message and don’t be shy – I love hearing about the juicy stuff – how’d you meet, who proposed to who and what you have planned so far. I hope to hear from you soon, Yasmina xx

ps: I love combining my love of photography with my love of travel so if you are planning a wedding in any corner of the world, get in touch! Berry, Bowral, Blue Mountains, Borneo, Barbados… take me with you 🙂
pps: I am also a big ally of the LGBTQI+ community and love marching for my trans child in the Mardi Gras. Look out for me!

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