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Yasmina Nadine photography with her family

Hi there! I’m Yasmina (she/ her) and I am in LOVE with my job. I still have to pinch myself to make sure I'm the lucky one that gets to photograph these amazing life events.

I married the love of my life on Valentines Day 2010 (31 years after my parents married on the same date!) and we have three gorgeous children. Whilst I have always enjoyed taking photographs, it was love at a distance. Something I did for me and me alone. Yasmina Nadine Photography blossomed in 2015 after we had moved to London and I had time to find myself again.

I kind of fell into weddings when I answered a Facebook post looking for a wedding photographer. The following year I had 32 and have never looked back!

I have always loved to people watch. You know the type... the ones who look through windows as walking past?! I still do that but I also put my nosey talent to good use at weddings. I notice the raw beauty in a plain brick wall, the swell before a tear falls, the snort of a great big belly laugh, and everything in between. It's these types of moments that give me all the feels and I want you to feel this too as you look back on your images. The moments that you may not have noticed on the day. My aim is for you to look through your gallery and think wow, she was everywhere... but remember me being nowhere!

So, apart from photography, what do I do? I’m mucking around with my children, dancing around the kitchen like a professional ballerina (well, like someone who is in denial about not being able to dance), snuggling on the couch with my husband whilst watching a movie, spending time with my array of pets (a dog, bearded dragon and a few pythons!), hosting bbq's and exploring our new home – on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

I am also a big ally of the LGBTQI+ community and love marching with my family in the Mardi Gras Parade. Make sure you look out for me!

I'm always up for a chat so get in touch.

Yasmina xx

ps: I love combining my love of photography with my love of travel so if you are planning a wedding in any corner of the world, get in touch! Berry, Bowral, Blue Mountains, Borneo, Barbados… take me with you

My Aim...

If you love creative, honest, fun and emotive photography where you can feel the emotion, not just see it, get in touch... I might be the one you've been looking for!

photo by Samantha Heather photography


* I love reptiles. I currently have three pythons and a bearded dragon. My husband will likely kick me out if I add any more!
* I have 4 tattoos. Shhh... I don't think my mum knows that!
* I live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, but I absolutely hate sand (it follows you everywhere!).
* I've never really tried coffee. I was once told it would stunt my growth and just couldn't take the risk.
* I love to dance. In the kitchen. At the supermarket. Anywhere. Anytime.
* If you google me you might find my wedding or my middle child's birth story online!

photo by Samantha Heather Photography

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