Baby Jack | Balgowlah, Sydney

What can I say for this one? Not sure if I should let it all out or keep this one in so I’ll try for something in between…. OH MY GOSH. Look at him… just look at him!! This is my nephew Jack Oliver and he is just the sweetest baby I’ve ever met.

This blog post is a little bitter sweet. I feel so blessed that I have a nephew and that I got to meet him but I have never felt so far away from my family. I was in Sydney, Australia for three days and whilst one was spent at a wedding, the other two days my arms were almost glued to Jack! He has the “Morris cheeks” (squeezable cheeks handed down from my mother’s side!), he’s super chilled and he smelt soooo good! Gosh I miss him. Seriously counting down the days until I can tickle and cuddle him. December, you can’t come soon enough!

Love and miss you Nadia, Josh and Jack. Xxx

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