Blake and Rachel’s Jaspers Berry Wedding | South Coast NSW

May 9, 2019

On the morning of the wedding, I went straight to Jaspers Berry, which is located on the South Coast of NSW. It’s really is a beautiful area, surrounded by lush fields, big trees and paddocks. The venue itself is stunning with manicured garden, a huge tree covered in fairy lights, tree strung lanterns and a giant chess board. What better place to be for a Summer wedding?!

The morning was relaxed and fun. On both Rachel and Blake’s side, there were flowing drinks, nibbles, laughs, dancing and even speak of a swim (which didn’t eventuate!).

The ceremony was held in the courtyard with lanterns hanging above, a pebbled isle and the soothing sound of a running fountain.

Once they were married (woohoo!), they welcomed their guests as celebratory hugs came in fast. Not long after, I took Rachel and Blake for a little walk around the pretty gardens for a few photographs.

The reception was awesome. So much happening all the time. The bridal party (including parents!) danced their way in, calming their nerves by taking a shot at the door! It really did set the scene for what was to come – hilarious speeches, complete with the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks song, loads of dancing, dance floor limbo, a farewell tunnel and drinks by the pool.

Jaspers Berry is truly a lovely venue for a South Coast Wedding.

Dress:      Enzoani
Suits:       Peter Jackson
Bridesmaids: Noodz Boutique
Hair:         Karolina Flaskas
MUA:       Melissa Sassine Makeup
Shoes:      Mischka Badgley
Crown:     Glam Couture
Flowers:   Jaspers Berry
DJ:            Personalised DJs
Bridal Party Accommodation: The Winery Barn at Durham Park

** a huge thank you to my fabulous second shooter Hardy

Bridal prep make up at jaspers berry

Bridal details at Jaspers Berry

Jaspers Berry Wedding Details

Bridal prep at Jaspers Berry

Bridesmaids taking a selfie at Jaspers in Berry

The Reception room all set up for a wedding at Jaspers Berry

Bridal party excitement at Jaspers in Berry

Final wedding preparations at Jaspers in Berry

Bride is very happy with how she looks - stunning!

The bride super happy with how she looks just before putting on her wedding dress at Jaspers in Berry

Bridal party hugs

Groom at Jaspers in Berry thinking about whats about to happen

a little gift from the brides sister in law to be at jaspers berry

a quick pump before the wedding

Groom preparations at Jaspers Berry

Wedding Party laughs at Jaspers Berry

Groom happiness at Jaspers Berry

Just a few pre-wedding drinks to calm the nerves!

A few pre-wedding bridal prep drinks to calm the nerves at Jaspers Berry

bridal prep drinks NSW

Pucker up!

Groom prep touch ups at Jaspers Berry

Lets party!

bridal prep shoes

ready to get into her beautiful dress at Jaspers Berry

I love the little emotions that make up a big wedding day. Jaspers Berry

Final touch ups on a wedding day at Jaspers Berry

Looking beautiful and ready to get married at Jaspers

Ready to start walking towards the isle. Jaspers.

Father of the bride - watching on at the bridal party antics!

Here comes the grooms sister.

At beautiful Jaspers, here comes the bride.

bridesmaids fixing up the dress.

about to get married at Jaspers in Berry NSW

oh my goodness - I'm about to get married!

Blake do you take Rachel... I do!

After 40 years of married, he still looks at her with those eyes.

jaspers wedding day nervous giggles

I love you

A bridesmaid trying to see what's happening

the groom's sister getting a little emotional

The brides parents and godmother having a little laugh

Oh gosh, what's happening here?!

Documentary photography. Black and white of the bridesmaid shedding a tear.

Wedding kiss and hug at Jaspers berry

Yay! Just married

WOOOHOOO... just married!

A bridesmaid congratulating her best friend, the bride.

The groom's best friend and best man congratulating him

The bride and her dad. He is clearly very proud of her.

Guests congratulating the bride.

wedding day happiness

There is nothing quite like a meaningful hug on your wedding day.

guest kisses at Jaspers in Berry

bridesmaid goals - swinging at a wedding in Berry

bridal party goals - swinging whilst drinking champagne

Bride, Rachel, swinging surrounded by her bridesmaids

wedding party goals. bridal party goals. Sydney wedding

the bride and groom taking a stroll through the grounds of Jaspers at Berry

The bride and groom sharing their first moment alone since getting married. South coast wedding.

intimate hugs on your wedding day

bride and groom kisses as the sun sets in berry NSW

Beautiful bride Rachel, on her wedding day

two groomsmen through a window

what a grand wedding party reception entrance!

bridal party laughter at Berry NSW

The bridal party entrances whilst dancing and doing shots at Jaspers

At Jaspers in Berry, the bride and groom make an entrance

Laughter at the head table

The bride and groom kissing under the lanterns, surrounded by fairy lights at Jaspers in Berry

Wedisson award winning image of bride and groom, Rachel and Blake, underneath the fairy light lit tree at Jaspers

Father of the bride speech

guest laughter at a wedding

maid of honour speech laughter in Sydney

the bride hugging her best friend and maid of honour at a Jaspers wedding

great big belly laughs after listening to the brides speech

The maid of honour crying during a heart felt bridal speech

Glasses up for the guest who introduced the bride and groom

Speech cheers

a wedding guest crying from laughter

Guests singing to the Cronulla Sharks song as the groom is a very devout follower!

bride and groom first dance at a Sydney wedding

Father Daughter dance at Jaspers

bridal party antics at a Berry NSW wedding

A bridesmaid letting loose on the dance floor

Fun on the dance floor at a South Coast NSW Wedding

Love on the dance floor

guest laughter on the dance floor in Berry NSW

Wedding dance floor limbo!

wedding dance floor fun at a Sydney wedding

letting go on the dance floor at a wedding in NSW

Dancing under the courtyard lanterns in Berry, NSW

bouquet toss at Jaspers with all the single ladies ready to catch it

wedding dance floor

wedding dance floor at Jaspers

Wedding guests lift the bride and walk around with her!

The brides brother lifts her up with everyone cheering around her

Woohoo - wedding dance floor

wedding dance floor fun in Sydney

a bridesmaid showing the peace sign on the dance floor

WOOOO! a guest comes through the tunnel

Wedding party Goals - hanging by the pool after a fabulous wedding whilst drinking champagne