Blue Mountains Same Sex Wedding Photographer

November 25, 2019

Oh my gosh was I excited about Stef and Kadie’s wedding…. my first since being back in Australia!

The day before their wedding, all the roads leading into the Blue Mountains were closed due to snow and I panicked so quickly booked a hotel and slowly made by way up. Good thing I did because they were also closed the next day. I got up, and headed down the road to The Fairmont Resort & Spa, where both Stef and Kadie were getting ready. I started my morning with Kadie and her 3 bridesmaids and ended it with Stef and her bridal party.

My favourite moment of the day is when Stef saw Kadie for the first time, just before they walked down the isle together. The tears flowed.. and flowed! It was really touching.

After their ceremony we made our way outside for a few photographs but did so in record time as it was beyond cold! The snow had cleared but it was still just as chilly.

The Fairmont made for such a beautiful wedding venue with the most incredible, sweeping views.

If you are getting married, in Sydney or in the Blue Mountains, get in touch – I’d love to chat through photographing your day.

Sydney same sex wedding photographer