Danny & Claudia | Pembroke Lodge, Richmond

When I arrived at Lass O’Richmond Hill Pub in Richmond to capture Danny getting ready with the lads, I was surprised to see the majority of guests getting into a pint with him! There was a buzzing atmosphere which really set the tone for what was to come. Before heading off to Pembroke Lodge for the ceremony and reception, a betting game made the rounds where guests paid a few pounds whilst guessing how long the speeches would go for. The winner was announced after the speeches although I’m not quite sure if the speakers deliberately made theirs longer/ shorter!!

I arrived at Pembroke Lodge where the ceremony room was beautifully decorated with a table that had photographs from over one hundred years ago with each woman in Claudia’s family wearing the same veil on their day. I had the pleasure of working with Carl Glacey Photography who arrived with Claudia just on time for the ceremony.

The day was a very wet March day but we still got a little break for a few beautiful images in the grounds of the Lodge.

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