Destination Farm Wedding with a German Touch!

September 10, 2019

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of photographing Adam and Anna’s wedding in Chichester at Southend Farm.

Anna was getting ready with her bridesmaids in a cottage on the property which worked perfectly because it meant I could be in an out, also photographing Adam greeting their guests.

The ceremony was held in a lovely chapel on the property. There was a lot of laughter throughout, starting with when the page boys sprinted down the isle!

Anna’s family had flown over from Germany to attend and it was really nice to see some of their traditions brought in to the celebrations. One memorable event was when a big white sheet with a red heart drawn on it came out into the courtyard. Two guests held it up whilst Adam and Anna had to cut the heart shape out, each going a different way. The aim being to be the first one to finish their side. At the end, Adam whisked up his beautiful bride and climbed through the sheet whilst everyone cheered on.

When the light was lovely and soft, we headed out into a field nearby for a few photographs. We just mucked around and had a great time… take a look below – their smiles say it all!

A few similar options in NSW include: Kimo Estate, Gledswood Homestead, Fernbank Farm, The Hillview 

Northern Beaches bride getting ready for her wedding