Destination Lifestyle Photography | Scotland

July 7, 2019

Our last family holiday in the UK was to Scotland. Oh my goodness, what an incredible country. We flew over and then hired a car so that we had flexibility to explore our surrounds (and after our last driving holiday to Southern Scotland, we weren’t trying that again!).

When we arrived, it was snowing which was such a nice experience in our last few months over there. We had found a little Airbnb… which turned out to be within Foulis Castle. What an incredible home. The first tower was believed to have been built in 1154 although the castle as it is today was commenced in 1754. Take a look below – just wow!

We fit a lot into our three night getaway. We spent a day at Loch Ness. Unfortunately we didn’t find Nessy but we did have a lot of fun trying! Our children didn’t stop talking about her for days.

Culloden Battlefield was a huge interest point for me. Turns out one of my relatives (The McGillivray Chief) on my mothers’ side was the first to go into battle, and subsequently the first to be killed. There is even a stone saying where he fell. Unfortunately it was just too cold to spend much time there as by this point there was a full on snow storm.

We then took a scenic drive to Dores where some of my relatives were married at the Church of Scotland. What we did next was the highlight of my trip – we went for a road trip through the Scottish mountains. Breathtaking and highly recommended.

On our final day, we went to see Clava cairn – prehistoric burial sites. Strangely calming!

All in all, our last UK getaway for a while was definitely one to remember…..