Dipti & Matt | Hertfordshire

May 14, 2018

Dipti and Matt chose a beautiful, almost completely untouched woodland in which to marry, Lila’s Wood, in Hertfordshire. The day was magical. It was the coldest day in Summer and there wasn’t just a little rain, there was torrential rain! Despite this, Dipti and Matt’s day was filled with warmth, flowers, colour and lots of laughs.

When I arrived at Lila’s Wood, Dipti and Matt’s friends and family were decorating the forest with flowers and setting up the reception area. Matt was getting ready in his tent and once ready, he was escorted by his closest family and friends to an archway where Dipti’s family (sans Dipti!) were waiting for him. It was here that Dipti’s sister, mother and father performed a few blessings before walking him through to the beautiful Mandap that Matt built himself especially for the occasion.

Shortly, Dipti arrived where she walked down the isle to meet Matt and her immediate family under the Mandap. The ceremony was stunning – flower necklaces, the whole family holding hands, a fire, flowers tossed over them as they walked around the fireplace…. I will never forget it!

Once married they headed down a very long confetti toss line before heading off for 10 minutes of photographs. Unfortunately the rain was pretty heavy at that time, so we didn’t venture far but still got some beauties!

The rest of the day was pretty incredible – fire pits, hilarious speeches by Matt’s three (yes, three) best-men, an Indian feast and Bollywood dancing! Definitely worth checking out the images below…..