Congratulations! Woohoo… you’re engaged… and obviously looking for a wedding photographer. I love weddings. Everything about them. It is the real moments that stand out though and that has driven me to shoot the way I do, in a documentary or reportage style.

I like to capture the day as it happens which means I don’t carry around big flashes and make you wait whilst I get them going. I don’t pose you and make sure your hand is gently touching your partners shoulder. What I do do is allow your day to flow naturally. I still take you both away for a bit of couple time and allow you to be yourselves together – whether that means tender hugs, piggy back rides or jumping up and down with glee. I’ll be there to photograph it all! With that said, of course I can still photograph group shots, just remember that these are best kept to the essentials as they take time which is time away having fun with your family and friends.

I have documented dozens of beautiful weddings over the last few years from Sydney and greater NSW to Greece, Italy, Austria and all over the UK. Each wedding was unique and I have special memories of each photograph. I have laughed, and cried with couples and their guests as well as while editing. I photograph and edit to tell a story, your story, and I really do get tingles when I look back at each one. I only hope that they bring the same feels to you and your guests.

You will receive every single edited image. There is no limit to the number as I truly believe that there is no point of taking a great image if nobody gets to see it. The final images will be high resolution, watermark free and ready to print (which you can do through me or on your own). I also offer really beautiful, bespoke albums in a range of sizes and finishes.

Gosh, I really am blessed to be able to say this is my job. Get in touch if you have any questions, you would like to book or if you just want to say hello… I love a good proposal or ‘how we met’ story!     xx

PS: To see more images, head on over to my blog 🙂


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