Ivan & Hoday | Bury Court Barn Surrey

When I was asked to be a second shooter for this Somalian wedding, of course I said yes! It was a day filled with music, dancing and colour.

Bury Court Barn was the perfect backdrop for this wedding. It lent such a beautiful backdrop whilst guests celebrated with the bride and groom.

Ivan and Hodan had legally wed a few days before so there was no ceremony but after Hodan got ready, they made their entrance and it was then that everything really begun. There were drummers and dancers and a Somalian banquet. After the meal, we head off for a few bridal portraits before Hodan and Ivan went to change into their second outfit for the day.

Once they had made their entrance, all the woman made a big circle and put on a mega show! One lady sung whilst the others took turn to dance. Each had a brightly coloured scarf and as they danced, they would begin to cover their faces with it. It was amazing to witness.

Soon after, Hodan and Ivan went back to change into their third outfits. Hodan wore a stunning orange dress. It was here that the dancers came back out with a rapper.

At this point, I made my way home but I was told that there was in fact a fourth dress change!!

Such a great day!

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