Macquarie Bank Family Day | Tower of London

June 18, 2018

When I found out Macquarie Bank was having their annual family day (having a hubby who works for a big corporate company has some perks) – eeeek I was counting down the days. Their events are so much fun and our children always have the best time.

We set off from home on foot, catching three trains, stopping for some dodgy station hotdogs and getting a little lost trying to find the entrance but we eventually got there!

This year’s party didn’t disappoint. The theme was “under the sea” and the venue was decorated beautifully. Little carts with activities lined the marquee such as sand art, painting money boxes, making treasure chests – the list was endless. We made a rookie error though and didn’t bring a cart with us to carry the items (x3 for 3 children!) back home with us.

Favourites included the face paining, air hockey and the temporary tattoos. I think our youngest, Nicholas (aged 2) got about 6 of them before graduating to giving the tattoos to others!

Its mostly about the children but us adults weren’t forgotten. There was a beauty bar, a drinks bar (!),  music and delicious food.

Sadly our day ended with a few tears… we left behind a balloon which took some time to forget (check out the last photo!).

Till next year…

London Family Photographer