Miles & Elena | Lake Como Italy

Miles and Elena, where to begin?! Their wedding at Villa Pietraluna in Lake Como, Italy was sensational! I have known Miles and Elena for years – Miles met my husband Milos at university in Sydney. They moved to London shortly after us although they moved on to Milan late last year.

When hubby and I received and invitation to their wedding (in ITALY!!!), we were super excited. We had never been to Italy before and I hadn’t been to the wedding of friends for years. We quickly booked out flights and arranged for our wonderful nanny to come with us because lets face it, attending a wedding with three children isn’t quite as fun!

Elena asked if I would like to be their wedding photographer and I was seriously over the moon. I have never felt so lucky!

The morning of their wedding, I got in our little hired car and made the 25 minute journey up the mountain to Villa Pietraluna. I’m just going to put it here that I was so proud of myself – driving a manual, on my own, in a country where I couldn’t read the signs, on “the wrong” side of the road and up the narrowest, windiest road I’ve ever seen! Totally worth the journey though. The villa was beautiful but its location really made it something special. A forrest setting with the most breathtaking views out over Lake Como.

Elena was so calm and seemed to really just enjoy the peace of getting ready prior to the day really starting. Once in her beautiful Maruccia Olearo – Biba Spose dress Elena was ready for the long walk through the tree-lined isle to where Miles was waiting. The ceremony was lovely but what stands out the most were their vows. There were both tears of happiness and laughs from Elena + Miles as well as many of their guests (me included!).

I turned my cameras off at midnight to join hubby and friends on the dance floor.

Looking forward to visiting Mr and Mrs Karemacher in Milan soon. xx

Venue:  Villa Pietraluna
Dress:   Maruccia Olearo – Biba Spose
Suit:      Boggi Milano
Rings:   Oreficeria Orologeria Giuseppe Fasola and Andrea Tarantino
DJ:        Ciqui

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