Moby Dick Wedding, Whale Beach – Seymour and Charlotte

October 6, 2021

My first meeting with Seymour and Charlotte was awesome. We sat and chatted and chatted for what seemed like only a few minute but in reality it was a few hours. I knew they were my type of people and that we’d be a great match!

Their wedding was the perfect blend of two cultures – British and French. I look back now, over a year later and just can’t believe their families made it from Britain and France in Feb 2020… only a month before the world changed forever.

I started my day with Charlotte, her family and her bridesmaids. They had hired a beautiful house in Palm Beach with the most peaceful water views. The champagne was flowing and the laughter loud as they all got ready for the day.

When it was time to leave, we all needed to take the funicular down which, true to name, was fun!! So small and rickety but a great way to head off.

We arrived to Whale Beach where we needed to climb down a very steep staircase but at the bottom, Seymour could be seen waiting for his beautiful bride. Charlotte’s father walked her proudly down the aisle and the rest is now history… proudly husband and wife!

The weather was absolutely perfect – not too sunny, and not raining either. There had been a huge storm the day prior so the rubble on the beach was incredible but it also made for some cool photographs. Before long we walked back up the steep staircase to Moby Dicks (that was all my exercise ticked off in a few minutes!!).

The reception was truly lovely. Moby Dicks at Whale Beach is the ultimate package for any wedding, big or small. The atmosphere was buzzing and just writing about it makes me long for weddings like that to be back on.

One of my favourite moments has to be when Charlotte took over as the band’s drummer! Such a cool moment.

At the end of the reception Seymour and Charlotte chose to have a sparkler send off. The perfect end to the perfect day.

Dress | Madi Lane
Suits | MJ Bale
Bridesmaids and Flowers girls | Oasis and H&M
HMUA | Helen Tuck
Florist | Hunt and Heart
Celebrant | Maria Nizeti
Venue | Moby Dicks Whale Beach
Stylist | JC Wedding Hire
Rings | Gregory and Natalie Marie Jewellery
Band | Jake Edgley Band
Cake | Mother of the bride


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