Summer Holiday | Corfu, Greece

November 2, 2018

During the summer holidays, we went to Corfu!! I’ll be honest, Corfu wasn’t on my list of places to visit. Its actually not an island I’ve ever thought of before but when a wedding took us over, we thought we might as well make a proper holiday and so we booked two weeks at one resort. So glad we did. Corfu is amazingly beautiful and well worth the trip.

When we arrived at our resort, Mareblue Blue Beach Resort, I was a little unsure. There were a lot of cats wondering around, our room was very basic and there was an amazing adults only pool (which we would never get to even dip a toe in) as well as a very big and beautiful general pool but it was packed with children (yes, I do realise we have three haha!!).

I soon came to realise that the resort was perfect, absolutely perfect! They only offer all inclusive which meant all meals, drinks and snacks were included – a must for anyone with a child/ children who have bottomless pits as stomachs!! Our basic room was also perfect… not only did we not spend too much time in it but it was indestructible for little hands and adventurous children. The pools were the perfect place to watch our children have fun with their newfound friends and whilst we never got to dip our toes in the adults only pool, we got to use our included massages. The kids even had chocolate massages (literally massaged with chocolate sauce!).

My favourite thing about the resort though has got to be their kids club. Helena and Luka loved it and begged to go to each session (they had a morning and afternoon session). Even though, at times, they were the only English speaking children, they had such a great time. This allowed us to have an amazing holiday with the children when they weren’t at the club but also for my husband and I to have some much needed time to ourselves (well, also with our youngest as he was too young for kids club but seriously, one out of three is a huge change!!).  The kids club also put on a disco each night. Each night they sung and danced to songs in all different languages and by the end of our stay they knew all the words and moves.

As I was photographing a wedding and Milos was a groomsman, we also brought our au pair over for a few days. Having her there allowed Milos and I to have a date night out which was amazing. We drove to a nearby town and had some delicious seafood – something I’ve been missing so much since living in the UK. We also had a day out.. we went horse riding and swimming with the horses! It was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever been on. What made it even more amazing is that the horses are all rescue horses that the owner has trained and given a second chance to. If you get an opportunity to go, take it!

Each country we go to, we get a piece of art to add to our collection. It doesn’t have to be a painting or something huge but its just something  to remind us of where we’ve been and how lucky we are to be able to experience such things. Our quest for artwork took us to the west-most coast of Corfu. We bought a stained glass wall sculpture which had used an old roof tile which was over 120 years old. Its really beautiful and now has a nice spot on our living room wall.

Whilst I once overlooked Corfu, I am so grateful we ended up going, I would recommend it to everyone! 

Corfu Wedding Photographer